Guimaras Island Itinerary

November 2019 Travel

“There is no such thing as regret when you love so true”


Roof deck Pool at Grand Xing Imperial Hotel

Features: Manila to Clark Airport Transport, Iloilo City, Grand Xing Imperial Hotel, Jordan to Nueva Valencia transfer, Nature’s Eye Resort, Guimaras Day Tour, Guisi Light House, San Lorenzo Wind Farm

I plan the trip 6 months ahead and completed my itinerary a week before the travel. I got lazy in travelling. I missed my Japan trip because lack of planning and financial preparation. This time I will not let this travel pass. I missed three travels within the year. Cebu, Leyte and Japan because I was lonely. I felt that travel became a scapegoat whenever I feel stress about life. My love life was a roller coaster, I am 30 now still stuck at being 21.

The FOOD!!!

I made sure that trip will change the course of my travel. I will travel because I want to rest and be happy in my life. To be able to feel the adrenaline of why I choose this life. Anyway, enough of my misery I will guide you through on how I was able to seek the paradise that house me for 4 days.

The tita is me wants to chill, rest and lay this back pain. My friend suggests this beautiful place we search in Guimaras. Nature’s Eye Resort. Aesthetic, photogenic place and Instagram worthy sunset. I booked via and plan starts now.

Transit from Manila to Clark International Airport

  • Booked my flight from Airasia via Clark International Airport to Iloilo International Airport Cost: Php 1900.00

Schedule: 1915

Cost: Php 260.00

  • Clark Airport Terminal Fee: Php 150.00

The P2P Bus is very comfortable. I reached Pampanga around at 1500 and got a late lunch.

Arriving in Iloilo International Airport to Grand Xing Imperial Hotel

  • Airport to SM Iloilo. Cost: Php 50.00

  • Dinner in Ted’s at SM Iloilo. Taste of La Paz Batchoy for Php 110.00

  • Taxi from SM to Grand Xing Imperial Hotel. Cost: Php 100.00

  • Booked in for Premium Queen Room. Free breakfast buffet, swimming, welcome drinks at pool bar, Korean toiletries, big size room and comfortable bed.

Cost: Php 2181.02, good for 2.

I slept early so I can eat early and dip into the swimming pool. My stay in the hotel is very relax and easy. Breakfast is regular but who can say no to free BUFFET!

Nature’s Eye Resort Beach Front

Iloilo City to Guimaras Island

  • Lunch at Buto’t Balat which is near the Hotel after checkout.

Tried Iloilo’s Tinu-om, chicken cooked in smoked coconut shells and clay pot.

Food Cost: Php 180.00 – 300.00

  • From Grand Xing to Iloilo City Wharf took a taxi. Cost: Php 120.00

The Ortiz Wharf which is near is temporary close for passenger’s ferry.

  • Ferry from Iloilo to Jordan Wharf: Php 22.00

Travel Time: 10 – 15 minutes

Transit from Jordan Wharf to Nature’s Eye Resort

Original Plan:

  • Take PUJ from Jordan Terminal to Dolores Crossing Nueva Valencia.

Cost: Php 40.00

  • Then take habal habal to Nature’s Eye

Cost: Php 100.00

Opt to:

  • Took the tricycle from Jordan to Nature’s Eye Resort jump off

Cost: Php 500.00

November mangoes are expensive but since I am here it was worth a try. Php 300 – 350.00 per kilo. Summer peak season costs Php 30.00 – 80.00 per kilo.

My tricycle driver offers day tour on my last day in the island for Php 1200.00 which includes transfer to Jordan port.

I arrived in Nature’s Eye Resort, met the manager Cai. Very accommodating staff and the place. A place for those who wants peace, calm and tranquil off from the buzzing life of Metro Manila.

We came here to relax my mind from turmoil of being an adult.

Sunset in Natures Eye

Nature’s Eye Resort

Its been a long time since I travel and blog about my itinerary. Life was emotionally rough within the past 2 years. Recently got back to dating and it was a vicious cycle of letting my passion go to be with my previous partners. I keep on going back to travel whenever my heart is broken. When I am happy, I go to the frenzy of going out and turning new adventures. I want to travel and write. Search again for places that comforts my brain. I found a new solace. This place has the best sun set I’ve seen in my life. The breeze of sea air and the sound of the birds. My friend Rosa found this place for me. Never felt regret and I love the stay.

The stay cost Php 2800 per night, booked 3 nights from Airbnb. Food is very fresh and the cooked Aira is the best. The staff is very friendly, manager Cai is very accommodating and they will take care of your needs. They also respect your privacy. The entire journey is bumpy but staying here for 3 days make me want to write more. Create poems and spoken poetry. Be content of what I have in life and be open to try new things.

If you want to stay here, better prepare. Mosquitoes and other insects are very prevalent at dawn. Bring mosquito repellent to protect your skin from insect bites. You can also add or bring snack if you need to eat at midnight. Haha! I recommend on staying in Shell and Sunset cottage. Best for solo and couples.

For activities, you can relax by swimming and snorkeling. You can request for island hopping for Php 1200 for 2 hours (minimum) and Php 300.00 per hour after.

Island Hopping (I forgot the other beaches)

  • Mangrove River

  • Gina Lopez Floating Cottage

  • Tour nearby cottages

  • Taklong Beach

Beach Tour in Nueva Valencia

Last day in the island, I got very emotional and teared up a little. Then got drunk with people I met. Meeting amazing people who love to travel. The feeling I always fond of. Last day, I was hopeful of life back here in the Metro. More to adventures and unforgettable life.

Day Tour in Guimaras

San Lorenzo Wind Farm

  • Rent tricycle for Php 1200.00, good for 4 persons

  • Lunch at Ikings price starts at Php 170.00 for ulam

Tourist Spots

  • Guisi Lighthouse

  • Trappist Souvenir Shop

  • Manmade Forest

  • Mango Farm (close on the day of my tour)

  • Holy Family

  • San Lorenzo Windmill Farm

  • Smallest Plaza

Guisi Light House Ruins

I decide to skip other tour like the beaches. I want to speed up the tour and get to the last ferry ride back to Iloilo City.

View Deck in Wind Farm Buenavista, Guimaras

Last Trip Ferry Jordan Wharf to Iloilo Wharf then Iloilo Airport

Last ferry in Guimaras Island departs at 1730 to Iloilo City. Then you need to wait for RORO starting at 2100. Fare Php 22.00.

You can get taxi, grab or jeepney to SM Iloilo to ride Van to Airport. I took the taxi from Iloilo Wharf to SM cost Php 120.00. Then, took the van to airport for Php 70.00.

Going home

While I was in the airport, I got a mini panic attack. My boarding pass did not generate its bar code causing delay of entry to the departure area. I was a bit down because everything is almost perfect. Then going home, I have this mishap. Anyway, I got over it and boarded on time. While on the plane, I feel this overwhelming sadness of coming home. Reality is striking back, back at work, stress of being an adult and being money slave again.

I teared up at the thought of overcoming the sadness. I will grieve again in the city where memories are temporarily tampered by the beautiful island of Guimaras. I will miss the sunset, the breeze, the peace and the love. I thought this travel will ease the pain of losing someone. But this travel makes it difficult to go back. Someday, I hope I can go out of this concrete jungle and live in peace.

Sunset in Jordan Wharf

From Clark Airport, I ride the bus and got home safely. Dragging my feet away. Away from all the good memories.

P.S. To you 75162 emails, thank you for the wonderful memories.


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