Memoirs of a SOLO TRAVELER

“Freedom to live, of speech, to be whoever you are. To be free, to be independent and to LIVE”


Summit of Mt Pico De Loro

Summit of Mt Pico De Loro

Indeed soul searching this world.

I am not good in mobilizing people when it comes to group traveling. Oftentimes, I want to wander SOLO. I travel with very few people or I am the one invited to their adventure. I like going out with friends and family but sometimes I feel ill or suffocated when people relies everything to me. Maybe, I hate responsibilities and continue to live my lazy-happy-go-lucky life.

Trekking to Bomok-od Falls

Trekking to Bomok-od Falls

I never work hard after graduation. What I did is drink, get fat and seek all the amusement in life. I deter my law school admission, loss all opportunities to be a yuppie and I decided that I don’t want to be rich.

Money change the perspective of people. It makes you want more because it has the ability to turn your world around. All I want in life is to learn and be the hopeless romantic. I want to write and share my life. I want to travel the entire world, spread the news about unknown places and catch the essence of life. I want to teach people about humanity, existence of one culture, the passion for real adventure and how to take care of our nature.

I am single, living independently in the city, have a day job, and everyday I tried to keep my sanity. I love long weekends, vacation leave and weekends. They make me alive because it’s another day of getting lost, summit to reach and place to see. I found my niche which is very hard to release from my grasp.

Summit of Mt Daguldul

Summit of Mt Daguldul

I loss several people in life because of reckless decisions. I find my self smiling when I travel, even though I look crazy. Living to travel is my way of life. I want to explore, learn more about my culture and express how glad I am to go to places. Not anyone can travel, not anyone has the capacity and not everybody have TIME.

People around me always asked why I travel alone. I’ll go out alone because I will go WITH OR WITHOUT YOU. I don’t want to linger to people who are accustomed to make other people wait. I want to go there because I want to see it, I want adventure to feel the adrenaline rush. To create more memories before I decide to stay here and pursue my academic life or family life. I want to tell stories to my nieces, nephews, god children and my friends were I have been all this time.

Yeah, I am one of the chosen one who cannot find that travel soulmate. HAHAHA. My own soul is my own mate. Yet, I am still searching for it. Partly finding it on my way, on my travels, hikes and solitary confinement. Hehe.I have all the time in the world, future plans are still on my hands and life to share to everyone I bumped into. I want to continue living this wanderlust life as much as I can.

Star fish in Pandan Islan, Honda Bay Tour

Star fish in Pandan Islan, Honda Bay Tour


Source: Personal Photos, Jerleen Custodio Copyright

Manlalayag is Seafarer in Filipino. I want to be a pirate who travels to Collect Memories and Steal Happiness from the places I want to go.

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5 thoughts on “Memoirs of a SOLO TRAVELER

    • JEi says:

      If I have all the money to travel the world, maybe I will not consider traveling as life. If I have my own jet plane, car and boat, backpacking will not be as enjoyable. But, let us make money so that we can travel more. 🙂

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