My Singapore Short Affair

Weekend at Singapore.

I went here last year for 2 days and 1 night. One of the shortest trip I had. Arriving late, no 24-hour airport bus to the city proper. Hail a polish BMW taxi and dang it! Instant $85.00 SGD 10-minute ride to our hostel. Hostel is full and our reservation was cancelled so I need to check other hostels that can accommodate us for the night. Good thing the owner was really nice to give the wifi password so I can check hotels. Me and my sister was able to find a new hostel and being awake for more than 24 hours, I finally able to clean up and rest to a male dorm which is the only available room for me. I am too tired to notice the loud snoring. Hehe. I fell asleep and tomorrow will be our tour day.

Its 600am in Singapore. The night seems to be long, it’s like 5am in the morning feels. Coffee and peanut butter jelly is a real cool for breakfast which included while staying in hostels. There are lots of Japanese kids (guests) who are soccer players are roaming around. We settle down and start our day around 0800am in the morning.  We hit the road early, I did not prepare for this trip so we just walk around the block. Find the MRT to go to Marina Sands Bay and Merlion.

This is merely a tale of my Singapore trip. It’s a walking trip and the weather here is not fun. I am sweaty like I jog for an hour, it’s really hot. The sun is brimming, tourist are everywhere. Business is Singapore starts at 10am, I am getting hungry and tired of walking. After our morning walk in Marina, we head to Resorts World Sentosa.

We ride the $8.00 train to Sentosa and begin at the Universal Studios. We have little time so we did not enter, we just took pictures and ate here. I am getting tired and want to get coffee. I have drunk so much water at this point because the heat is not really fascinating. We did not explore Sentosa, head back to mall and ate again. Haha

I want to shop around so we went to a mall. We sat in the grass and look around. When we got tired, we went back to our hostel area. Time for dinner, we cannot miss the chicken and laksa. Instant coffee at convenient store is really good. Also the bread shops makes my mouth water. Beard’s Papa is the best among all the pastry I tasted. Yep, my trip here is all about bread and coffee.

I met two locals and really fond of my stories about travel. This I missed when I travel alone. Meeting new people and telling stories. I want to go back to traveling, getting back there. Life will be better from today.

Sail away. Always your loving Pirate.


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