Reminiscing Puerto Princesa: The Palawan Adventure

crocs farm groupie
The wintry air of the Ber months is killing my forever summer attitude. All I want to do is to stay indoors, watch all dvds I have at home and eat while bumming out. It was November when my Gall Bladder was removed due to stone. Home bound for a month, nothing to do but to sit and wait for the wound to heal on my abdomen. After that I went back to my day work, resume my life in the city and got an invitation to explore the wonders of Palawan.
selfie with cros
Palawan is one of the province I want to visit to the beach, biodiversity, world famous under ground river and the exotic food. I got a discounted plane ticket from a friend, waited and I was bound to fall in love to the city which is so prime and sophisticated. Our flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa took about 45 minutes.
love in bakers hil
Good weather welcomes us in the city, waited for 10 minutes for the van who transfer us to our inn (Mariane Inn). Since I was an extra head for a group of 3, I only pay for the extra bed for Php 400.00 / $9.00 per night. There are many inns and hotels available in the city.
balinsasayaw sign
balin menu
We started the tour by exploring the cities finest. We lunch out in Balinsasayaw Restaurant, grilled chicken with unlimited rice for Php 99.00 / $2.00 per order. We order the infamous and pricey Bird’s Nest Soup which is actually a plain soup for me which cost Php 400.00 – 500.00 / $9.00 – 11.00 per bowl. After having the heavy meal I needed for the day.
birds nest soup
We rent a tricycle that will tour us in city. For a group of 4, we rent it for a whole day activity Php 800.00 / $18.00. Head out to Crocodile Farm, I was amazed that enormous reptiles are existing. The wonders of nature, the biggest crocs I’ve seen can eat 10-15 children. There were simply gigantic and were still. There are different types of rooms and areas for all kinds of Philippine Crocodile.
croc farm sign
crocs pictorial
crocs on water
The nursery, the adults, the picture taking area and souvenir booth you can explore. Entrance fee cost Php 50.00 / $1.50 which is good enough because the farm is very well maintain and the animals seems to be on a very good condition.
croc mouth selfie
After checking out of the farm, we head out to the Baker’s Hill. It was a free entrance park where you can view the greenish field of the city. It was a city minus the skyscrapers. I ordered their famous hopia as my pasalubong to my family and friends.
bakers hill sign'
Bakers hill view
chin in bakers hill
They have delivery as well so you can order then make them deliver it to your hotel before going back home. The hopia were killers, too tasty and too delicious I bought 15 boxes on my way back.
mitras ranch with horse
mitras ranch
We dropped by Mitra’s Ranch, again FREE entrance. It is like teleporting to Picnic Grove in an instance, you can also try their horse back riding and picture taking is a must. After the ranch gig, we went to the souvenir shops to get those mandatory I love Palawan shirts and other stuff you can buy.
mitras ranch nigh view
Price wise it was too much to spend it in Mercado and Island Souvernir but cheaper shirts are actually available in San Miguel. I bought pearls and my ref magnets in there. 50% cheaper in Mercado! You need to buy here!
kinabuch signage
crocs sisig
Buying souvenir on your first day will actually omit the rush feeling if you are going to do it on your last day. To maximize the time think the things you want to bring after experience you have in Palawan. It was an exhausting ay trip, I found myself nestled in Kinabuch’s to have dinner. The food offering is mixed culture from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao dishes. To the exotic found in the corner of this island.
kinabuch dinner
We ordered Crocodile Sisig which made the impression. Then, I tried fresh Tamilok (mangrove worms) in spiced vinegar. Sinugba with fish paste and steamed eggplants which captures my mouth. The mouthwatering dishes killed the night very happily. Day 1 in Palawan is another UNLOCKED ACHIEVEMENT for the Manlalayag in me!
baby crocs
Manlalayag is Seafarer in Filipino. I want to be a pirate who travels to Collect Memories and Steal Happiness from the places I want to go.
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