Day 5: The Grand Tinuy-An Falls and Hinatuan Enchanted River

“Start the day with breathing life in and exhaling all the worries away”

– Fakir

My 8 days and 7 nights Solo Backpacking in Mindanao

Features: Tinuy-An Falls, Bislig City, Hinatuan, Enchanted River, Habal-habal Tour, Surigao del Sur

I woke up heaving with excitement for my 5th day here in Mindanao. Everything I do here makes me feel the utmost freedom I wanted in life. The day will be as amazing as the previous days. I continuously fall in love with this place. After having my breakfast, I called my guide to start my day in Tinuy-An Falls. I read from other blogs that you need to go there early in the morning to catch the rainbow so I decide to go there around 0600. Bislig air is refreshing as Siargao Island. It’s a quiet place and very peaceful.

My guide fetch me at 0615, we started the trip to Tinuy-An Falls. From the main road going to the falls will be a rough drive. It will be a 30 minutes bumpy ride. Road blocks, mud and stone path will welcome you. We arrived around 0700, I am the first tourist of the day. I guess I was too early. I paid the entrance fee for Php 20.00. You can explore the place, swim if you like and get all the pictures you want. My first impression, I was overwhelmed by the grand falls in front of me. Pictures don’t give justice to the beautiful fall in front me. The Tinuy-An falls is very high and the curtains of water gives refreshing treat to the guest.

So at this point of time, Pryde (my camera) decides to kill its manual mode. HAHAHA : ( It was busted for some reason so I decide to get my pictures using my ipad and action camera. Still hopes high and enough cameras to cover my trips, I proceed in exploring the falls area. The Manobo tribes are the land lords so they will your guide if you want to check out the upper curtains of the falls. My guide is as quiet as I am as we go further up. There is a man-made stairs that will help you climb. Kuya guide is very kind to help me when we reach the slippery area. The cold splashes from the falls give me the refreshing feeling.

I reached the upper part of the falls, then swim in the ice cold water. The view was as fascinating as you view it below. Getting into high places relieve my addiction to adrenaline. It seems like all the issues in my life wash away by any scenic landscape in front of me. The love for adventure will definitely continue for as long as I can climb and hike and travel and walk and love this life. Tinuy-An Falls is a beauty you cannot see from its photos. It speaks more glamour in real life than check it out from the photos. It’s too dreamy to capture. To pretty to catch. Too real to get. These are my feelings as I view the wonders of the area. Really cool! Returning back to the main road after the trip, you need to ride into the Tribal Habal-habal which is actually part of the ordinance set in Bislig since they are the landlords of the area.

I made new colleagues all the way from Siargao Island. Upon embarking my way to Enchanted River, Jel’s friend from the DIY is also in Bislig for the same tour. I was just too early and unable to check that she messaged me several times for us to cut the cost of the habal-habal. Sometimes being too early can missed cheap opportunities. So, we fetch Grace from her inn and proceed to Hinatuan. We manage to cut the cost from Php 1000.00 to Php 700.00 which is still a good price. The motorcycle ride to Hinatuan is not a joke; another butt numbing trip for 45 minutes on a endless highway starts again.

We arrived at Enchanted River around 1000, registration fee Php 50.00 and you can explore the entire area which currently manage by the local government. At first glance, I am not as fascinated towards the River. It’s way different from the pictures shown in the internet. The turquoise color is gone and the deep blue abyss is not there. A bit disappointed but our guide said it’s currently not good to look because its high tide. Even the water taste a little bit salty. Since its high tide, river water meets the sea which is the reason why it’s a bit salty. Going here made me sweaty so I take the opportunity to dip into the cold relaxing water.

My high school friend Nilo was here when he globetrot Philippines for his work. I saw several of his photos from here so this made me decide to include Enchanted River as part of my Mindanao backpacking trip. I am a good swimmer but never a good diving. Taking my underwater photos gave me a hard time. This is part of the disadvantage of backpacking alone. No one will take your damn pictures. Good thing someone invented a timer for cameras. Whoever you are, thank you.

We waited for the fish feeding program in Hinatuan which starts at 1200. Grace got a really good spot at the upper portion and I got one on the lower portion. The staff feed the fishes for the next 15 minutes with background music. After the gig, we decide to go back to Bislig for Grace to take her Tinuy-an Falls trip and me to ready my pack. It was a quick day tour for both Tinuy-An Falls and Hinatuan. I cleaned up back to the hotel and ready my bags to Davao City. I ate roasted chicken for lunch which cost me Php 120.00 with drinks and rice.

I waited for Grace and we hopped into Bachelor Bus bound to Davao City, fare cost Php 300.00 for ordinary bus. The February wind is like a lullaby as we begin our journey. The road trip started around 1700, as we view Banana Plantation and endless greens of Mindanao. This time of my life really change my perspective about travelling this beautiful country. Its broaden my mind and views as we passed by the town after town. There are several bus stops for break and dinner time. As the night time crossed the sky line, I fell asleep and when I woke up we were in Davao Ecoland Terminal. The entire transfer took us 7 hours and it’s worthy. We catch a tricycle to My Hotel to check in but they are fully booked. They refer us to Daylight Inn, we got our double bed fan room for Php 300.00. Same pricing to surrounding inns in Davao, our is near the famous Bankeruhan and other establishment.

Finally, I was able to set foot in the one of the safest place in the world. Tomorrow will be the time to explore Davao City. For now I need to take a rest and have the best sleep.

Touch Down PIRATES!!

Source: Personal Photos Jerleen Custodio Copyright

Manlalayag is Seafarer in Filipino. I want to be a pirate who travels to Collect Memories and Steal Happiness from the places I want to go.

Day 1: The Journey to Mindanao for 8 Days and 7 Nights

“Plan ahead, pack your bags, secure your tickets and get broke. Live the life you think you deserve.”

– Fakir


My 8 days and 7 nights Solo Backpacking in Mindanao

Manila – Butuan City – Surigao City – Siargao Island – Bucas Grande – Surigao – Davao City – Samal Island – Davao del Norte – Davao – Manila itinerary.

Features: Manila to Butuan, Butuan to Surigao City, Golden Mile Pension Haus and Transfers

I always wanted to backpack a place I never set foot. In July 2015, I booked tickets from Manila to Butuan and Davao to Manila. I think its possible to set a thousand kilometers road trip in Butuan to Davao. Buses to Davao are all over Mindanao. I got 2 different tickets, no itinerary yet and I will deal with it at least 2-3 months before the trip. I purchase an all-in-fare ticket to Butuan for Php 625.00 and back to Manila for Php 500.00. Later I added check-in baggage for Php 224.00 each ticket to suffice my pack and equipment. Its still pretty cheap so I decide to pursue the dream and wait for 7 months.

Finally, its almost a month before the trip. I check out the timeline, initially wanted to go to Manila – Butuan – Davao – South Cotabato – Davao del Sur – Davao Del Norte – Davao City – Manila itinerary. But, I change my mind because transferring to Butuan to Davao to Lake Sebu will consume so much time. I decide to go to Siargao Island in which I found out that there are several places I could explore in Siargao for non-surfer like me. There is so much that it would cost so much. I decided to have Manila – Butuan City – Surigao City – Siargao Island – Surigao – Davao City – Samal Island – Davao del Norte – Davao – Manila itinerary.


February 25, it was my flight to Butuan City. I am coughing out loud and caring for a flu for the past days. I went on hiking 1 week ago, prior to that went back from my Bohol trip. I was exhausted and exasperating in excitement that led me to sickness. So I pack my bags, make sure that everything on my checklist are securely put on my pack. My flight was change from 0740 to 13:25 which actually ruin my itinerary. I was supposed to tour in Butuan but decide to scratch it on the list. I went to the NAIA Terminal 3 way too early. 3 hours before the flight I landed in the airport. I thought traffic is heavy because portion of EDSA is closed because its a public holiday.

I just waited and abuse the free internet in the airport, listen to songs until my flight was called for boarding. It was a smooth flight of 1 hour to Butuan City. As I view the mountain range of Agusan, I was mesmerized and its just the start but its already worth it. I got out of Bancasi Airport, van dispatchers and travel agencies are now offering their services. I was starving; I ate in the canteen outside the airport. I order Tinolang Tuna and rice with a drink for Php 80.00. Then hop to the van going to Surigao City for Php 200.00. The original plan is taking Bachelor Bus to Surigao City but the terminal is about 5-10 minutes away from the airport. You need to walk from the airport to the highway and catch a multicab to Butuan Integrated Terminal if you want to catch the bus. Fare is almost the same or the bus is more expensive than van transfer.


From Butuan Airport to Surigao City will take a cruel 5-6 hours travel time. The van is stopping to pick up passengers which prolong the entire trip. I slept several times, asking if we are near yet its still far. Good thing that the place is too damn beautiful where the mountain range is meeting the blue waters of the sea. I could not agree no more. It’s night time when I arrive at Surigao Integrated Terminal. Some tricycle drivers offer service from the terminal to the Centro (downtown) for Php 50.00 but I decide to take the multicab instead for Php8.00 to Vasquez Street where most inns are located. I did not booked for one so I walk in to Golden Mile Pension Hauz.

Unfortunately their fan room for Php300.00 is under construction. Then it started to rain hard so I need to take immediate shelter. I haggle for their rooms since I will be staying for a good 8 hours. From Php850.00, they gave me the air-conditioned room for Php550.00. I am exhausted and starving from the trip. I walk around, found barbeque restaurant Zouk. Order myself rice, grilled chicken wings and chicken innards with carbonated drinks for Php78.00. Dig in, pay and went back to the hotel to call it a night.

I woke up around 0400, drink coffee and some of my biscuits. I arrange my pack then left the hotel then catch the first trip to Siargao Island. I was again way too early because I am too eager to reach Siargao. I have lots of activities to do in the island. I want have fun after the road trip that doesn’t seem to end. I will right the entire Siargao Island travel on my next blog. There is more in this island that won’t fit in this entry.


Road trip PIRATES!!

Source: Personal Photos Jerleen Custodio Copyright

Manlalayag is Seafarer in Filipino. I want to be a pirate who travels to Collect Memories and Steal Happiness from the places I want to go.

5 Days and 4 Nights Hongkong-Macau (Day Tour) Budget and Itinerary

First time to travel abroad DIY trip because packages are just “CAN’T AFFORD” for the poor backpackers like us. Busog-lusog pocket money is around Php 25000 without airfare. We booked promo ticket from CebPac in November for Php 4490.00 per pax.

Pre-departure Tips:

Buy your toiletries (shampoo, soap bar dahil walang puro liquid soap available) if you’re staying in a hostel. Secure your snacks like biscuits, chips, chocolate bars and the gutumin kit. Empty water bottle, saves you a lot because water is expensive (HKD 6 – 8.00). I got HKD pocket-money, we changed in Sanry’s in Robinson’s Galleria. Php 6.55 = HKD 1.0 before we left Manila.

At the Airport Check-in Instruction:

Check in Online (CebPac)
Pay Travel Tax Payment
Drop Bag in check in counters


Immigration Checklist:

Valid passport (Not less than 6 months validity)
Roundtrip Ticket
Hotel Reservation
Certificate of Employment for the obrero like ME
ITR (Income tax return)
Company ID

I got lucky in the airport because I have a companion. The only asked me,

Immigration Officer: Saan ka nagwowork? (Where do you work?)

Me: Sa asfdkjgfgdlgd (kabado dinaig pa yung mga mag ti tnt)

Immigration Officer: Saan?

Me: Sa ano po

Immigration Officer :

Me :


Passport : STAMP !!!


A21 Bus from Airport to Tsim Sha Tsui Nathan Road

Arriving in Hongkong International Airport. Airport money exchange is around Php 7.8 = HKD 1. Clear in Hongkong immigration and get bags in the carousel. Purchase Octopus card in MTR Customer Service via Airport Express, HKD 50.00 deposit and HKD 100.00 for load.

Tips: Load your octopus card up to HKD 300.00 because you can use it in 7/11, restaurants, boutique, etc.

Airport express cost HKD 60.00 better choose bus for HKD 33.00. We rode A21 bus to Chunking Mansion (Tsim Sha Tsui, Nathan Road). Room for 4 nights in Yan-Yan Guesthouse cost us HKD 1000.00 via You can get cheaper rooms if you have direct contact in Chungking Mansion. Peak season rate can be up to HKD 500.00 per night.


Yan-Yan Guesthouse is located in Chungking Mansion in Tsim Sha Tsui

Day 1: Hongkong Bound

1400 ETD Home
1900 ETD NAIA Terminal 3
2110 ETA Hongkong International Airport
2145 ETA HK Airport (Ride A21 Citybus $33.00)
2230 ETA Nathan Road (Chunking Mansion)
2300 Check – in at Yan-Yan Guesthouse
2330 Dinner (Pick up dinner at 7/11 or cheap fast food)


A dream come true in Hongog Disneand

Our day 2 is dedicated to Disneyland. The guesthouse staff offers us discounted ticket, regular price is HKD 589.00, and we got it for HKD 520.00. You can get tickets to Ocean Park, just go inside Chungking Mansion (check the expiration date of the ticket). We have breakfast in Café de Coral, range from HKD 25.00 – 35.00.


Our new friend Minnie Mouse! Star struck!

Disneyland food, souvenir and drinks are PANGMAYAMAN. Water is HKD 28.00 (bring water bottle, water stations are available), cheapest food is at Starliner Diner from HKD 99.00 – 120.00 with drinks (big serving too!) and souvenir range from HKD 59.99 – sawa. Mahal besh!


Toy Story Theme at Disney Hongkong

After feeling gaga over Disney characters and finishing the fireworks. We went back to Kowloon. We drop in Yau Mah Tei to check the night market. Dito pang cheapangers ang mga souvenir. ATTACK!

We had fried noodles for HKD 68.00 with sakto serving. Waffles with ice cream (HKD 28.00) and egg waffles (HKD 15.00) at DIM SUM in Temple Street.


Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

Day 2: Valentine’s Day at Disney Land

0600 Wake up Call
0700 Breakfast at Cafe de Coral (CKE Mall beside Chungking Mansion)
0800 Pack for the Tour (Dont forget to bring water container)
0900 Find way to the nearest MTR: Tsim Sha Tsui
Ride 1: Tsuen Wan (Red Line) drop at Lai King
Ride 2: Tung Chung (Orange Line) drop at Sunny Bay
Ride 3: Disneyland Resort Line
1030 Start Disney Land Tour
2000 End of Disneyland Tour
2100 ETA Yau Mah Tei (Walkathon)
Night Market for Dinner Temple Night Street
Mongkok Ladies Market
1200 Back to Guesthouse


Unfortunately, cable car at Ngong Ping 360 is closed due to maintenance up until June 2017. SCRATCH! We should be heading to Macau but my feet are sore AF. Light itinerary for day 3.


Going to Peak Tram is easy, ride the red line MTR from Tsim Sha Tsui, drop at Central Station exit J2. Walk straight until you reach the Hongkong Tram Railway (wait di pa yan!). Street sign to Peak Tram, walk straight via Chater Garder RD, uphill then cross the road to terminal buy tickets. HKD 44 RT and Php 88.00 with Sky Terrace. Souvenir photo is HKD 149.00, mahal talaga.


Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum is also within the same building with Sky Terrace. Ice cream and waffle shops are everywhere price range from HKD 50.00 – 80.00.


Most restaurants in Hongkong change menu from breakfast, lunch and dinner. Alang Extra rice dun! Giordano and Sasa branches are everywhere. Clothes and cosmetics are downright cheap here. Your HKD 800.00 shopping ay maraming marami ng shopping!!

We got back from Peak Tram to Central Station, roam around Tsim Sha Tsui malls and shops. Shops are everywhere. From Tsim Sha Tsui walk through Salisbury Road cross the street, Hongkong Space Museum building is located. At the back of the Museum is the view deck for the Symphony of Lights.


Tips: Be early to get a good viewing space. Symphony of Lights starts exactly at 2000.

Day 3 Peak Tram and Symphony of Lights

0600 Wake up Call
0700 Breakfast at Cafe de Coral
0800 Pack for Peak Tram
0900 ETD Chungking
0930 ETA Central Station (Red Line)
1000 Walk to Peak Tram Station (Buy Tickets)
1100 ETA Peak Tram: Explore Sky Terrace
1200 Explore area: Photo Ops
0100 ETD Peak Tram
0200 ETA Tsim Sha Tsui
0215 Lunch at Café Coral
0300 Window Shopping in Tsim Sha Tsui
0700 Walk to Hongkong Space Musuem for the Symphony of Lights
0900 Tambay Pogi
1000 Back at Guesthouse


To MACAU and get lost. Don’t forget to bring your PASSPORT since we are going out of the country. Same airport process. Roundtrip ticket to Hongkong – Macau is HKD 355.00, ticket back to Hongkong is up until 10:30PM. We ride the bus to China Ferry Terminal, secure ticket via Cotai Ferry. Travel time is around 1-1 hour and 30 minutes, ferry has free wifi.


Clear Immigration in Macau, then starts the journey. HKD is recognize in Macau, don’t forget to bring loose change / coins. We got lost in Macau and force to take a cab because we’re dying due to hunger and we don’t have coins in our pockets.

Tips: There are 2 Wynn Hotels in Macau. Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace. Check for the free shuttle to both hotels. Macau is consists of 3 major towns Macau, Taipa and Cotai.

Macau Shuttles (Read the Bus Signs!)

Macau Ferry to Sands, Macau Tower back to Fisherman Wharf (Ride Sands Shuttle). Walk to the front lobby to get into the Wharf. Ride back to Taipa Ferry Station.

Ferry Station to Wynn MACAU

Ferry station to Senado Square and St Paul Ruins (Ride the Wynn MACAU Shuttle / Grand Lisboa Shuttle). Senado Square is around 15 – 20 minutes away from Wynn or Grand Lisboa.

From Wynn you can take a cab or bus. Bus end point is at Praca Ferreira Amaral beside Grand Lisboa Terminal. Minimum bus fare is HKD 4.50.

Explore Senado Square and St Paul Ruins, on the way to the ruins there are shops giving away meat jerky. Famous Koikei Bakery egg tarts only cost HKD 10.00 each. Shops are everywhere in Senado Square.

We ate street food in Senado, price range is around HKD 6.00 – 15.00 per stick. We had milkteas too.

We walk from Senado Square to Praca de Amaral to take the MT1 bus to Taipa Ferry Station.

TIPS: Asked customer service for Ferry to China Ferry Station because we rode the wrong ferry. We arrived in Hongkong Ferry Terminal.

Day 4 Macau

0500 Wake up Call
0600 Breakfast at Cafe de Coral
0630 ETA HK – China Ferry Terminal Secure Ticket to Macau
0900 ETA Macau
0930 Explore Macau

Macau Ferry to Sands, Macau Tower back to Fisherman Wharf (Ride Sands Shuttle)
St Paul’s Ruin, Koikei Bakery and Senado Square,
Senado Square to Wynn Hotel/Grand Lisboa
Wynn to Ferry Terminal

2030 ETA Macau Ferry Terminal
2200 ETA Hongkong Ferry Terminal
2230 Dinner at Mcdonald’s
2300 ETD Ferry Terminal
*Ride MTR: Sheung Wan (Blue Line) Drop at Central
*Ride Red Line to Jordan
2330 Back to Chungking Mansion


Last day in Hongkong. Macau trip is stressful because we got lost several times. My feet are terribly aching but we need to be G all the time. We are unable to purchase additional souvenir because we are too tired. We went back Jordan and Yau Mah Tei to check if there is any shops open. We’ve seen few shops open in Yau Mah Tei during the day, I purchase shirts for pasalubong.


Since transport system is Hongkong is really efficient we check out around 1530 and head to the Airport via A21 bus.


Tips: Cebu Pacific Check –in Counter is available at Terminal 1 in Hongkong International Terminal. YUP! We got lost again!

You can change your octopus card at customer service or keep the card, then buy all your loose change at airport stores like 7/11.

Check-in all >100ml bottles to avoid delay in the airport process.

Day 5 Last day

0800 Wake up Call
0900 Breakfast at Cafe de Coral
1000 Roam around Yau Mah Tei and Jordan
1100 Pack bags (Secure belongings)
1530 Check Out
1545 Cross street I front of Chungking, then wait in the bus terminal near Tsim Sha Tsui Station for the A21 Bus
1630 ETA Hongkong International Airport
1700 Yes! We explore the HUGE AIRPORT!
1800 Hongkong Airport
1940 Boarding
2155 ETA NAIA Terminal 3
2300 HOME

Summary of Budget

This is the break down of my Hongkong and Macau budget.



Sample Budget for Hongkong-Macau


My first international trip is still successful. Same travel, different culture. I am in awe of the transport system in Hongkong and Macau. Efficient and timely. Being late due to traffic is not a problem. I hope we have the same road system here in the Philippines. It was amazing and got lucky because I already have someone to travel with.

From Hongkong with LOVE.

Source: Personal Photos Jerleen Custodio Copyright

Manlalayag is Seafarer in Filipino. I want to be a pirate who travels to Collect Memories and Steal Happiness from the places I want to go

Bolinao Pangasinan Backpacking Itinerary 2 Days / 1 Night

JeiManlalayag Edition


Day 1

0300 Call Time

0400 ETD Home

0430 ETA Five Star Teminal

0445 ETD Bus bound to DAU Pampanga

0600 ETA DAU Terminal

0605 Meet up with PNJ

0630 ETD Dau Terminal: Catch the bus bound to Alaminos

1100 ETA Alaminos City

1130 Early Lunch at Alaminos Food Court

1230 ETD Alaminos City

1330 Bolinao

1400 Hire Tricycle for Bolinao Day Tour

1430 Complete Supplies in Flee Market or Bolinao Market

1500 Start Bolinao Day Tour

1515 Enchanted Cave

1545 Wonderful Cave

1630 Bolinao Rock Formation

1700 Bolinao Lighthouse

1730 ETA Patar Beach

1800 Rent Cottage and Set up Tents

1830 Prepare Dinner

1900 Dinner / Socials

2200 Lights Out



Day 2

0500 Call Time

0530 Prepare Breakfast (Boodle Fight)

0600 Breakfast

0700 Explore Patar Beach / Swimming

0900 Wash up / Purchase Souvenir / Prepare for Bolinao Falls Tour

0930 ETD Patar Beach

1100 ETA Bolinao Falls

1115 Register and Pay Entrance Fee

1130 Explore Bolinao Falls

1300 ETD Bolinao Falls

1330 ETA Bolinao Poblacion

1345 Purchase Dry Goods

1400 Late Lunch at Adora’s

1500 ETD Bolinao (We missed the Bolinao – Manila Bus)

1600 ETA Alaminos City

1700 ETD Alaminos via Five Star Bus

2100 ETA Marquee Mall Bus Terminal

2200 SM Pampanga

2300 Home in Pampanga: Return trip to Manila the next day

PS: You can take the Bus bound to Cubao if your residing in Manila

ETA from Alaminos to Cubao is 5-6 hours. Add 1 hour from Bolinao. 24 hour in 1-2 hours bus interval are available in Alaminos City.

1700 ETA Alaminos

1200 ETA Five Star Terminal


See you later PIRATES!!

Source: Personal Photos Jerleen Custodio Copyright

Manlalayag is Seafarer in Filipino. I want to be a pirate who travels to Collect Memories and Steal Happiness from the places I want to go.

Memoirs of a SOLO TRAVELER

“Freedom to live, of speech, to be whoever you are. To be free, to be independent and to LIVE”


Summit of Mt Pico De Loro

Summit of Mt Pico De Loro

Indeed soul searching this world.

I am not good in mobilizing people when it comes to group traveling. Oftentimes, I want to wander SOLO. I travel with very few people or I am the one invited to their adventure. I like going out with friends and family but sometimes I feel ill or suffocated when people relies everything to me. Maybe, I hate responsibilities and continue to live my lazy-happy-go-lucky life.

Trekking to Bomok-od Falls

Trekking to Bomok-od Falls

I never work hard after graduation. What I did is drink, get fat and seek all the amusement in life. I deter my law school admission, loss all opportunities to be a yuppie and I decided that I don’t want to be rich.

Money change the perspective of people. It makes you want more because it has the ability to turn your world around. All I want in life is to learn and be the hopeless romantic. I want to write and share my life. I want to travel the entire world, spread the news about unknown places and catch the essence of life. I want to teach people about humanity, existence of one culture, the passion for real adventure and how to take care of our nature.

I am single, living independently in the city, have a day job, and everyday I tried to keep my sanity. I love long weekends, vacation leave and weekends. They make me alive because it’s another day of getting lost, summit to reach and place to see. I found my niche which is very hard to release from my grasp.

Summit of Mt Daguldul

Summit of Mt Daguldul

I loss several people in life because of reckless decisions. I find my self smiling when I travel, even though I look crazy. Living to travel is my way of life. I want to explore, learn more about my culture and express how glad I am to go to places. Not anyone can travel, not anyone has the capacity and not everybody have TIME.

People around me always asked why I travel alone. I’ll go out alone because I will go WITH OR WITHOUT YOU. I don’t want to linger to people who are accustomed to make other people wait. I want to go there because I want to see it, I want adventure to feel the adrenaline rush. To create more memories before I decide to stay here and pursue my academic life or family life. I want to tell stories to my nieces, nephews, god children and my friends were I have been all this time.

Yeah, I am one of the chosen one who cannot find that travel soulmate. HAHAHA. My own soul is my own mate. Yet, I am still searching for it. Partly finding it on my way, on my travels, hikes and solitary confinement. Hehe.I have all the time in the world, future plans are still on my hands and life to share to everyone I bumped into. I want to continue living this wanderlust life as much as I can.

Star fish in Pandan Islan, Honda Bay Tour

Star fish in Pandan Islan, Honda Bay Tour


Source: Personal Photos, Jerleen Custodio Copyright

Manlalayag is Seafarer in Filipino. I want to be a pirate who travels to Collect Memories and Steal Happiness from the places I want to go.