Day 5: The Grand Tinuy-An Falls and Hinatuan Enchanted River

“Start the day with breathing life in and exhaling all the worries away”

– Fakir

My 8 days and 7 nights Solo Backpacking in Mindanao

Features: Tinuy-An Falls, Bislig City, Hinatuan, Enchanted River, Habal-habal Tour, Surigao del Sur

I woke up heaving with excitement for my 5th day here in Mindanao. Everything I do here makes me feel the utmost freedom I wanted in life. The day will be as amazing as the previous days. I continuously fall in love with this place. After having my breakfast, I called my guide to start my day in Tinuy-An Falls. I read from other blogs that you need to go there early in the morning to catch the rainbow so I decide to go there around 0600. Bislig air is refreshing as Siargao Island. It’s a quiet place and very peaceful.

My guide fetch me at 0615, we started the trip to Tinuy-An Falls. From the main road going to the falls will be a rough drive. It will be a 30 minutes bumpy ride. Road blocks, mud and stone path will welcome you. We arrived around 0700, I am the first tourist of the day. I guess I was too early. I paid the entrance fee for Php 20.00. You can explore the place, swim if you like and get all the pictures you want. My first impression, I was overwhelmed by the grand falls in front of me. Pictures don’t give justice to the beautiful fall in front me. The Tinuy-An falls is very high and the curtains of water gives refreshing treat to the guest.

So at this point of time, Pryde (my camera) decides to kill its manual mode. HAHAHA : ( It was busted for some reason so I decide to get my pictures using my ipad and action camera. Still hopes high and enough cameras to cover my trips, I proceed in exploring the falls area. The Manobo tribes are the land lords so they will your guide if you want to check out the upper curtains of the falls. My guide is as quiet as I am as we go further up. There is a man-made stairs that will help you climb. Kuya guide is very kind to help me when we reach the slippery area. The cold splashes from the falls give me the refreshing feeling.

I reached the upper part of the falls, then swim in the ice cold water. The view was as fascinating as you view it below. Getting into high places relieve my addiction to adrenaline. It seems like all the issues in my life wash away by any scenic landscape in front of me. The love for adventure will definitely continue for as long as I can climb and hike and travel and walk and love this life. Tinuy-An Falls is a beauty you cannot see from its photos. It speaks more glamour in real life than check it out from the photos. It’s too dreamy to capture. To pretty to catch. Too real to get. These are my feelings as I view the wonders of the area. Really cool! Returning back to the main road after the trip, you need to ride into the Tribal Habal-habal which is actually part of the ordinance set in Bislig since they are the landlords of the area.

I made new colleagues all the way from Siargao Island. Upon embarking my way to Enchanted River, Jel’s friend from the DIY is also in Bislig for the same tour. I was just too early and unable to check that she messaged me several times for us to cut the cost of the habal-habal. Sometimes being too early can missed cheap opportunities. So, we fetch Grace from her inn and proceed to Hinatuan. We manage to cut the cost from Php 1000.00 to Php 700.00 which is still a good price. The motorcycle ride to Hinatuan is not a joke; another butt numbing trip for 45 minutes on a endless highway starts again.

We arrived at Enchanted River around 1000, registration fee Php 50.00 and you can explore the entire area which currently manage by the local government. At first glance, I am not as fascinated towards the River. It’s way different from the pictures shown in the internet. The turquoise color is gone and the deep blue abyss is not there. A bit disappointed but our guide said it’s currently not good to look because its high tide. Even the water taste a little bit salty. Since its high tide, river water meets the sea which is the reason why it’s a bit salty. Going here made me sweaty so I take the opportunity to dip into the cold relaxing water.

My high school friend Nilo was here when he globetrot Philippines for his work. I saw several of his photos from here so this made me decide to include Enchanted River as part of my Mindanao backpacking trip. I am a good swimmer but never a good diving. Taking my underwater photos gave me a hard time. This is part of the disadvantage of backpacking alone. No one will take your damn pictures. Good thing someone invented a timer for cameras. Whoever you are, thank you.

We waited for the fish feeding program in Hinatuan which starts at 1200. Grace got a really good spot at the upper portion and I got one on the lower portion. The staff feed the fishes for the next 15 minutes with background music. After the gig, we decide to go back to Bislig for Grace to take her Tinuy-an Falls trip and me to ready my pack. It was a quick day tour for both Tinuy-An Falls and Hinatuan. I cleaned up back to the hotel and ready my bags to Davao City. I ate roasted chicken for lunch which cost me Php 120.00 with drinks and rice.

I waited for Grace and we hopped into Bachelor Bus bound to Davao City, fare cost Php 300.00 for ordinary bus. The February wind is like a lullaby as we begin our journey. The road trip started around 1700, as we view Banana Plantation and endless greens of Mindanao. This time of my life really change my perspective about travelling this beautiful country. Its broaden my mind and views as we passed by the town after town. There are several bus stops for break and dinner time. As the night time crossed the sky line, I fell asleep and when I woke up we were in Davao Ecoland Terminal. The entire transfer took us 7 hours and it’s worthy. We catch a tricycle to My Hotel to check in but they are fully booked. They refer us to Daylight Inn, we got our double bed fan room for Php 300.00. Same pricing to surrounding inns in Davao, our is near the famous Bankeruhan and other establishment.

Finally, I was able to set foot in the one of the safest place in the world. Tomorrow will be the time to explore Davao City. For now I need to take a rest and have the best sleep.

Touch Down PIRATES!!

Source: Personal Photos Jerleen Custodio Copyright

Manlalayag is Seafarer in Filipino. I want to be a pirate who travels to Collect Memories and Steal Happiness from the places I want to go.

Day 4: A Long Run Around in Mindanao

“A trip so long is a journey to patience”

– Fakir

My 8 days and 7 nights Solo Backpacking in Mindanao

Features: Sea and Land Transfer from Siargao Island to Mangagoy, Bislig Surigao del Sur, Travel time, Tinuy-an Falls, Enchanted River, Hinatuan, Bislig and finding a hostel

I am leaving Siargao Island with a little bit of a heavy heart. The life in this island is like a dream I never thought of. I share my life with people I met here and have the waves of desires in our lives. To travel the world and to live in peace. I will never forget the experience Siargao had given me. It was 0400 when I woke up, I barely sleep because I want to stay longer here but I need to move on to my next destination. I clean my locker in Paglaom Hostel, closed my pack and hopped to my habal-habal. The habal-habal rental cost Php 200.00, one of the nearby hostel guest don’t have a ride to we share. Indeed, I am a lucky bastard.

Within 15 minutes we arrived at Dapa Port, the port area is busy with hundreds of tourists and locals line up to get the ferry tickets. I bought a Mabuhay ticket for Php 260.00 and terminal fee for Php 15.00. Economy and business tickets are sold out. The fare is a bit expensive but when I hopped into it, I changed my mind. The Mabuhay class have air-condition, comfortable seat and airplane seat feel. I still wonder why I did hop to a small boat going to Siargao Island. The tricycle driver from Surigao City seems to drop me to a different port. No wonder, all passengers are mostly locals at that time.

I fell asleep as we sail out to the vast sea. The travel time is less than 2 hours since this is a huge vessel. I arrived in Surigao City really drowsy, my head is starting to ached and I need to find my way to the Terminal. I take a jeep to the terminal for Php7.00. I was about to take a bus to Butuan, then another bus/van going to Mangagoy. When I reach the terminal, I learned that vans bound to Davao City are available in Surigao City. I hopped into the crowded van, paid Php300.00 going to San Fran Integrated Terminal. The van route to Butuan City then bound to Surigar del Sur. The entire stop/go routine lasted for another 6 hours of my life before arriving to San Fran. I was tired and weary; I barely slept in the van because the view is just to awesome.

From San Fran, I need to take another ride to Mangagoy, Bislig for my Tinuy-An Falls and Enchanted River escapade for the next day. I decide to take Bachelor Bus to Mangagoy paying Php150.00 fare. Van transfer fare is cheaper for Php 80.00 – 100.00. Take the van instead if you want to have a cheaper rate. The travel time from San Fran to Bislig is another 2 – 3 hours butt numbing trip. I met local ladies who are kind enough to give me shelter for the night. I was tired when I got in Bislig, the drivers are hauling around me. I cannot decide because I am starving and headache is around the corner. The local ladies pulled me from the haggling drivers and decide to check me in their houses. I am too grateful for their offer but I decide to say no. I am a bit uncomfortable staying in to someone else’s house rather than taking an inn. They helped me get an air-conditioned room instead in Star Dormitel for Php 300.00 instead of paying Php 550.00 in which I am very thankful.

I was gasping for food when I reached my room. I am tired and really starving so I decide to complete my stocks again and went to Gaisano Mall to purchase some stuff. Bislig City is pretty quiet place to live, its warm and peaceful compare to nearby cities. After getting my food, I ate in my room and search for my habal-habal to fetch me for tomorrow’s adventure. I stayed outside and eat Balut to my heart’s content. I cannot find any available driver so I decide to contact Jel to get her contact instead which she provide immediately (Such an angel to have bumped into). I was able to contact the guide and settle for Php 1000.00 for the entire Tinuy-An and Hinatuan River tour. Everything is settled, I got the food and things I need for the next day activities. I conclude my 10 hours transfer from Siargao Island to Mangagoy, Bislig a huge success with a butt numbing ride to the far flung of Surigao.

Let’s do this PIRATES!!!

Source: Personal Photos Jerleen Custodio Copyright

Manlalayag is Seafarer in Filipino. I want to be a pirate who travels to Collect Memories and Steal Happiness from the places I want to go.

Albay Tour: Day One in Bicol

“Create memories with random people in random places.”

  • Fakir

Albay – Sorsogon Solo Bicol Itinerary

Features: Daraga Church, Cagsawa Ruins, Kawa-kawa Hills in Ligao City, Bigg’s Diner, Lignon Hills, 1st Colonial Grill and Legazpi City

Supposed to be Mt Mayon View

Supposed to be Mt Mayon View

I woke up feeling happy from a good night sleep. Call time 0430, refresh from my slumber. The Mayon’s Peak is resting behind clouds from the window of Magayon Hotel. The sullen dark morning sky cast on my second day in Albay. I got up, took a bath and went out. Next to the inn is a bakery (Papay Pandesal) that sells Malunggay Pandesal, I bought 5 pieces of bread and head to a Carinderia in front of the hotel. I need to eat before starting my day, ordered Pansit Bato for Php10.00 per plate and instant coffee for Php10.00. After digging my simple meal, I arrange my pack then the rain pours outside for 15-20 minutes before heading out.


Pansit Bato, Malunggay Pandesal and 3 in 1 coffee

Pansit Bato, Malunggay Pandesal and 3 in 1 coffee

I ride a jeepney to Daraga for Php 10.00, from the market to Daraga church I walk. The old church was a replica of Cagsawa Church which was smashed by volcanic eruption of Mayon. The Daraga Church stands proud and mighty in a higher ground casting PRIDE all over Albay. I can imagine Mayon’s Peak if only the sun shines brightly. The clouds still hide the magnificent perfect cone of Mayon so I settle myself getting photos of the church. I arrived here while a funeral mass is being held. It was awkward to take photos while people around me were mourning. RAIN AND FUNERAL STARTED MY DAY.


Daraga Church Facade

Enter a caption

Whenever I visited a church, I leave a wish for my family or for a friend. I bought coffee while waiting for the mass to be finished. I saw several touring groups, off-peak season trip could be enjoyable if you do not want heads on your photos or wanted to have a quiet trip. Sipping coffee over the view deck of Daraga Church made me want to write more about my travels. Getting all the photos I wanted, I set foot to my next destination.

Daraga Church

Daraga Church

Cagsawa Church Ruins. I ride a jeepney to Ligao City from Daraga for Php 8.00. It was Saturday so the municipal office is closed, I asked around and was able to get proper transportation information from a local. The driver and co-passengers were too helpful to assist me on my tour. The jeepney driver drop me off in Cagsawa, I ride a tricycle together with a couple, fare Php 8.00. WALK INSTEAD OF TAKING THE TRICYLCE, it will only take you 5-10 minutes to get you there. I arrive in the RUINS, still no sign on the Mayon Peak.

Cagsawa Ruin in a Cloudy Day

Cagsawa Ruin in a Cloudy Day

Registration fee cost nothing but you can donate. I took several photos, guides are offering ATV rides and trick shots. I was not interested with ATV ride because rain started to pour. So I enjoy taking photos and my SILI (Chilli) Shake. Sili Shake cost Php 55.00 and bought a souvenir shirt for Php 200.00. Souvenir shops are available in Cagsawa, after taking my photos I decided to move on to my next trip.

Trick Shot in Cagsawa Ruins

Chili nd Mango Shake

Chili and Mango Shake

Ligao City. From Cagsawa it will take 45 minutes – 1 hour to Kawa-Kawa Hills. Kawa means Cauldron, from the top it looks like a giant kitchen pot. I drop off from the jeepney ride, take tricycle for Php 8.00 and hike up to the hills. It still cloudy and cool enough. Kawa-kawa hills famous for its sunflowers which blooms every March or summer. Since I travel in July, unfortunately NO SUNFLOWERS.

Cagsawa Ruins Bell Tower

Kawa Kawa Hill in Ligao City

Kawa Kawa Hill in Ligao City

I hike up and finished the station of the cross, made my wish after lighting my wish candles. I wish for someone’s father to heal and a good health for me this year. The pavement path is built for people, this place is often visited during the Holy Week in which statues based on the station of the cross were built. After the trek, I have sili ice cream for Php 10.00, a touring family asked me questions about my solo trip. They were amazed that someone can travel alone. Hehe

One of the Stations of the Cross in Kawa Kawa Hills

Inside the Kawa Kawa Hills

As I walk back from Kawa-kawa Hills, I saw a tourism center which was a Project of the late Jessie Robredo. I got free leaflets about Albay tourist destinations. Then, take the tricycle to the highway for Php 8.00. From Ligao City, I went back to Daraga (jeepney fare Php 40.00). I slept for a good 30 minutes, drop in Bigg’s Diner in Daraga for lunch. Bigg’s Diner is Bicolano’s famous fast food chain. Their cheeseburger is meaty with dripping cheese on it. I enjoy their crispy fried chicken. It’s the usual diner in a cozy interior. The meal cost me Php 168.00.

View at the top of Kawa Kawa Hills

View at the top of Kawa Kawa Hills

Dirty Chili Ice Cream

Dirty Chili Ice Cream

After lunch, I went ahead to my final trip. LIGNON HILL, I took jeepney for Php 11.00. It takes 10-15 minutes from Daraga to Lignon Hills. I trek up from the jump-off (Department of Education Bicol). It will take a good 30 minutes – 1 hour way up to Lignon Hills. Registration fee cost Php 20.00, then you can try their zip lines. I did not take it because I got tired. I just want to feel the view. There is no sign of Mayon’s Peak after whole day of waiting. I am still grateful that I manage to come along here and enjoy my day trip in Albay.


I welcome myself at Lignon Hill

I went back to Magayon Hills to freshen up and have dinner. I decide to dine in First Colonial Grill which is famous for their original Sili Ice Cream. I ordered Bicol Express and rice which boils inside my mouth. If you are not fan of spicy food, Bicol Express is definitely not for you. Sili ice cream have 3 levels of spiciness. I selected Level 3, to my surprise it was very good until the cold melted into your mouth. The chili flavored will kicked in and it feels like betrayal. LOL. Dining in the elegant restaurant that can cost you Php 300-500. This meal cost me Php 368.00.

Path to Lignon Hill

Lonely at Lignon Hill because I did not see Mt Mayon


Lignon Hill. Background is the Aiport Runway

My sumptuous meal made me want to rest. Since, night life in Albay is not like in Cebu or Manila. I went back to my room in Magayon Hotel. A friend from Sorsogon, message me about my trip. She suggested to me to visit her in her hometown. I agreed because my Day 3 is bound for Sorsogon for some beach loving. Initially, I wanted to go back in Naga City, to try wake boarding but going further South is definitely a good idea. I ended the night with a warm smile and prayed for good weather.

Original Chili Ice Cream at 1st Colonial Grill

One of the famous fine dining restaurants in Albay

Sorsogon Trip Review will be next!


Source: Personal Photos, Jerleen Custodio Copyright

Manlalayag is Seafarer in Filipino. I want to be a pirate who travels to Collect Memories and Steal Happiness from the places I want to go.

The SOLO Bucket List: The Five Places I Want to VISIT before I go to HEAVEN

I know I will go to HEAVEN!

There is a book titled “Five People You Meet in Heaven” by Mitch Albom. One of the books I love to reread. It is fascinating to meet people who you never knew but never forgot the things you had with them. These are places I want to visit before I die even if I will not go to heaven.

Sunset Blooming

Sunset Blooming

Traveling is meeting people, culture, values of every region, the life and the scene. You don’t know who are the people you’ve manage to inspire. People you affect, not by being close but mainly by meeting them in a certain place. This list is typically accessible to visit but because of time constraint and financing the travel, my ability to cross this places should be on a slow pace.

Lost in LIGAO City Albay

Lost in LIGAO City Albay

Here’s my list:

  1. Cagayan De Oro

I want to explore Mindanao, CDO will be the first destination that I will land. I don’t know why I haven’t got the nerve to pack the sack and let the young spirit inside me to go here. I want to experience the blood rushing adrenaline of WHITE RAFTING here. It is also near DAHILAYAN PARK in Bukidnon. Planning the itinerary for CDO is actually tough. Going South is expensive than I thought. I am still searching for alternatives on how to make this trip come true.


I was here in September 2015. First on the list is finally CHECKED!

  1. Kalinga

The infamous Apo Whang-Od of Buscalan want me to run all the way from Manila to the Northern part of the Philippines. Just to get ink and have the numbing travel to the mountainous region. Getting the tattoo means exploring the beauty of Kalinga. The Chico River, the terraces, the culture itself, the intelligence of the ancient people and history speaks in this place (according to my friends who went here). Soon, Kalinga. Very soon.

Sad moment overlooking Mt Mayon Albay

Sad moment overlooking Mt Mayon Albay.

  1. South Cotabato

They are saying that going here is dangerous. But looking the pictures of LAKE SEBU makes me want to jump on a plane, swim the seas and climb the hills just to be here no matter what. I want to see the colors of Mindanao, I know it is not dangerous to love the place. Someday, I will be able to try the zipline. Another day I will get my selfies on each 7 waterfalls that I will explore. Live the life of a real backpacker. Oh I will be SUPERWOMAN one day. Using those harness, I will fly to South Cotabato.

The Rocks from the RUINS of Cagsawa Church

The Rocks from the RUINS of Cagsawa Church

  1. El Nido, Palawan

The ultimate snorkeling experience. The blue-green waters. The rise of the reef submerged for hundred years. The dreamy landscape. The boat selfie. The SOLO adventure. I want to open my bag put on my camera, sun screen lotion and the big hat. Find my way to the SOUTHERN part of Luzon Philippines and dive to the clear waters of El Nido, Palawan. I will plan on how to get here soon and touch the place like finding golds and diamonds, Sweet El Nido, Jei will walk on those shores.


Second bucket list hit in August 04, 2016. Big Lagoon and so much love.

  1. Marinduque

Going to the heart. Heart-shaped island, center for biodiversity in both sea and land. The marvelous beaches, mountains to climb and falls to chase. My heart will fall in love once again. Lost to its prettiness and having the best beach bumming activity that will last for a lifetime. Surely, this quite town will accommodate my sexy passion in LIFE.

Scene unfolded in Masasa Beach

Scene unfolded in Masasa Beach

To travel the Philippines. I hit 35% of the provinces here but I am not contented. Living this life will appeal me for life. I imagine myself in the distant future, imagining my self writing this, have that smirk on my face and feeding my mind.

My heart over Mt Arayat Summit

My heart over Mt Arayat Summit

Learning while traveling, living with my backpack, searching for my SOULMATE and loving the scene with gallantry. Oh!!! What a dream!



Manlalayag is Seafarer in Filipino. I want to be a pirate who travels to Collect Memories and Steal Happiness from the places I want to go.

Burot Beach going SOLO


View from the tricycle going to Burot Beach.

Summer is love. April is FREEDOM. It’s been a while since I went on a trip all by myself. After 3 months of long exhausting hours at work. Finally, my 5-day vacation leave was approved. 3 days before my leave I plan to go to Marinduque but because of the Storm Chedeng, all plans need to be cancelled. I settle myself finding a serene beach to accommodate my insanity. Then, there was BUROT BEACH. A day before my leave I quickly sort out my itinerary. I went to Calatagan, Batangas Philippines long time ago. It was 4 years ago, I remember the agony of the long drive during that time. I was impatient back then and traveling doesn’t suit my lazy butt.

Me. Selfie Queen.

With lingering feeling, I exhausted searching for a perfect IT plan A, B and C leading to one of the biggest accomplishment in my life. I bought my own cook set and burner for this trip which I will use in the future for my hiking escapades. The night before I travel, I cannot sleep. Worrying all night on what to do on my first ever camping beach trip. I woke up very late, very late from itinerary. Started packing things, last-minute shopping and breathing my way out to the real backpacking experience.

My Camp with neighbor. Yes we have similar tents! 🙂

Late like 5 hours late from my schedule trip. I set off my foot around 1130H from Pasig City, arriving in Taft Avenue around 1200H. The terminal station going to Nasugbu is at the back of Mcdonalds and Dunkin Donut. Later I learn than there is a van terminal going straight to Calatagan at the back of Kabayan Hotel, also in Taft, Pasay. I load myself to the bus going to Lian, Batangas because the bus to Calatagan will take ages before arriving in the terminal.

Sunset. Very serene while I cook my dinner.

After 4 grueling hours in the bus that did nothing but to fetch passengers I arrive in Lian, Batangas. The Pasay City-Bacoor-Dasmarinas-Silang-Tagaytay City- Nasugbu ride with wailing children and snoring co-passenger I was able to find a jeepney going to Calatagan. From Lian to Calatagan it will take less than an hour. I took off the jeepney, got myself 4 gallons of water and ride on a tricycle going to Burot Beach.

This is waist high water and you can still see the bottom part.

 I arrive around 1730H, the heat of the sun settled down and there was no space for me to pitch in my tent. People from the Metro come down south enjoring the holiday and long weekend but I manage to get a good spot for myself. I forgot that I did not eat breakfast and lunch because I was late on my schedule itinerary. After pitching my tent and things down, I cook my food canned mackerel in Sinigang (Sour Stew) and rice. I got too tired to roam around, I am still observing my fellow campers. I am still worried to leave my things behind but my neighbor campers have chit-chat with me. I met a traveling couple Kuya Alex and Ate (I forgot her name) which are adorable to supply me things about the area since they arrive earlier than I.

Beach Bumming starts now.

I walk around near the shore after eating dinner to see plastics and garbage from other campers. It was disappointing that these people doesn’t know the principle of LEAVE NO TRACE. They have no respect to the nature, sooner or later this beach will be wasted because of those people who don’t know how to take care of the environment. I got a plastic full of garbage 30 minutes after I walk around. Kuya Alex told me that there are people who are managing the garbage but I don’t feel its enough. There will be no garbage at all if people know how to pick up their own trash.

Cove end, this rockies are real star!!

I got tire and sleepy around 900 so light up. I woke up because my fellow campers are partying like there is no tomorrow. The noise irritates me, I was there for solitude, to relax and forget the buzzing noise of the metro but these people manage to ruin my night. I decide to read my comics while breathing in the air from the sea. Around 200H i fell asleep again, call it a night and had a restful slumber (thanks to the ear plugs I bought). I woke up around 600H, the breeze of the sea welcomes me. It was low tide when I arrive but the water went up in the morning. It was a wonderful sight, a smile on my face and prepare to face mt beach activities. A cup of coffee fill in the early morning cold air.
700H, took my own risk pack my phone and ipad to my ever trusted bag, zipped my tent and went on a long walk to the shore. I went to the series of stone forming the cove and took unlimited selfies. The water is very clear and clean. It seduce me to dive and swim like a fish. After walking around the beach shore, I cooked my breakfast (corned beef with egg and fried rice). 800H, I swim the vast clear blue sea. I enjoy my beach bumming activity even though I am alone and everyone is looking at me amusingly.

Breakfast in the sand..

I got hook into the water for 3 hours and the heat of the sun is protruding. I decide to break my camp and go home. There are available toilet and shower rooms which are very basic. Free flowing water that is scalding hot you can get some to drink coffee. I manage to break my camp successfully and took my final shot of the place. It was high noon when I decide to leave the cove back to Manila. 1230H I arrived in Calatagan Poblacion to take the bus but the bus did not arrive within an hour of waiting. So I decide to take the van from Calatagan to Pasay City.

A kiss from me. Having fun in the sun.

The traffic is inevitable, the trip is good from Calatagan to SLEX (South Luzon Expresswaty) but after exiting the toll. Massive traffic welcomes us aboard. It was 1 hour of traffic before we arrived to the terminal. I am exhausted and hungry. Grab a hotdog in 7/11 and take another bus ride going to Robinson’s Galleria and take another bus home. All in all the entire transportation took me 5 hours back home. Tanned by the sun, tired from the trip and hungry. I can still feel the excitement, I am way too happy for my successful trip to Burot Beach.
Pasay City to Lian Batangas: Fare Php 152.00
Lian to Calatagan Bayan (Town): Fare Php 30.00
Tricycle Bayan to Burot Beach: Fare Php 150.00 Solo / Php 60.00/pax
Tricycle Entrance: Php 10.00
Burot Beach Entrance Fee: Php 130.00
Tent Space (if you are bringing you own tent): Php 30.00
Tent Rental : Php 150.00 for 2 persons
Going Back Expenses:
Tricycle Bayan to Burot Beach: Fare Php 150.00 Solo / Php 60.00/pax
Van from Calatagan Bayan to Pasay City: Fare Php 180.00
Pasay City to Robinson’s Galleria Bus (AC): Fare Php 18.00
Robinson’s to Home: Fare 12.00
Budgeted Food for Solo: Php 300.00 to Php 500.00 ( based on consumption)
My Budget Cost: 500.00 which includes the butane, food, toiletries and snacks on the way
Total Cost: Php 1700.00 to Php 2000.00 for solo
Budget Tips: Bring friends to cut off the cost of the tour. The more the cheaper. Try to haggle with driver.
Sample Itinerary: (I adjusted my Day 1 for 4 hours. Hehe)
Day 1
430 ETD from Pasig City
500 ETA  Taft Pasay City Bus Terminal
530 ETD Bus Terminal going to Calatagan
0815 ETA Lian, Batangas 0830 ETD Lian Poblacion to Calatagan Bayan
0915 ETA Calatagan Bayan
(Alternative Route: Van from Taft Pasay City at the back of Kabayan Hotel to Calatagan: Trip 4-5 hours)
930 Complete Supplies
0945 ETD Calatagan Poblacion
1000 ETA Burot Beach
1015 Secure Camp Area and Pitch Tent
1100 Prepare Lunch
1300 Free Time (Swimming, Beach Bumming, etc)
1500 Meryenda
1700 Prepare Dinner
1900 Dinner and Socials
Day 2
600 Wake up call
630 Prepare Breakfast
700 Breakfast
730 Free Time (Swimming, Beach Bumming, etc)
1000 Wash up
1100 Break Camp
1200 ETD Burot Beach
1215 ETA Catalgan Poblacion
1230 ETD Calatagan to Taft Pasay City
1730 ETA Pasay City
You can adjust your time while in the beach. You can snorkel and island hopping to Puting Buhangin for Php 100.00 minimum of 5 person. If you are solo you can go with other groups but I decide to stay in the beach.
It was fine time to explore the world. With or without someone to accompany you. Once in a while go on a solo trip and be happy by yourself. Engage your self to the nature and environment.
See you on our next trip!!!
Jei 09/04/2015