Wonders of Traveling

I started traveling when I realize that my lifelong dream will not come to life sooner than my expected plan. Being suppress in the academe life will deter me in enjoying the jet setting life I want to have. I am still young to venture my time in school for 20 years or so. I decided to come out and explore the world, travel the entire Philippines.
I am a proud Filipino that is the reason why I did not dare to go abroad and nestle my talent in a foreign land. My heart belongs to the beauty and wickedness of this pretty island. Where we smell the fresh salty air of the sea, the pollution of the Metro and the green pasture of the Kapatagan. I so love this beloved country that I dream of taking picture every corner of the land.
When I was younger, I never expect myself to be this adventurous. I always love books, reading is my ultimate passion before. It feels like going through the world, creating your own visual concept of what we have in this blue and green ball. But when I have the ability to finance my venture, it is like a drug that make you feel better. Walking, seeing, hearing and feeling the heat, the cold, the warmth, the breeze, the life of a town and nature. Things can change you.
I cannot compare anything in this world when I feel the exhilarating thrill of going out and looking for something beautiful. When you see the things not every individual can see. When you experience the most amazing ride, some people can get in. Its like you’re at the top of the world screaming your lungs out and diving the depths of the sea. This is truly a wonderful world and the Philippines is one of the best of them all.
So let us pack our things, if you love the mountains go here. If you love the sea, go here. If you love the blue sky and the warm sun just go here. This little country can offer you the best than Morocco, Maldives, Thailand, Indonesia, Europe and the Americas can offer. In Asia, Philippine Island is love and fun belongs. That is the reason why, It is More Fun in the Philippines!
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2 thoughts on “Wonders of Traveling

  1. Moritz says:

    It’s great to see that you are bound to your home country that much. After reading all these positive words and seeing all these amazing photos, I really look forward to visiting the Philippines one day 🙂

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